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  • Engage with your Customers
  • Advertise to Your Market
  • Choose Where to Advertise
  • Geo-Location
  • Target the People Who Matter

Social Media Packages

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Social Starter


  • $200 Onboarding Fee
  • 1 Platform (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Weekly engagement with customers and followers
  • 16 shares/posts a month

Social Business


  • $200 Development Cost
  • 2 Platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Continous engagment with customers and followers
  • 32 shares/posts a month

Social Expansion


  • $200 Onboarding Fee
  • 2 Platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Continuous engagement
  • 48+ shares/posts a month
Social Starter$500/mo
+ $200 Onboarding Fee
1 Platform (Facebook or Instagram)
Engament becomes top priority.
16 shares/posts a month
Social Business$950/mo
+ $200 Onboarding Fee
2 Platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
Continous engagment with customers and followers.
32 shares/posts a month
Social Expansion$1200/mo
+ $200 Onboarding Fee
2 Platforms (Facebook & Instagram)
Continous engagment with customers and followers is top of mind.
48 shares/posts a month and occasionally more depending on campaign

All Packages Include:

Build back links to and from website.

Hashtag research. Regularly updated.

Integrate website and social media profiles.

Initial consultation

10 original content post monthly shared

Social media profile optimization

Custom social media profile

Insight Analysis

Monthly reporting

Monitoring of social media profile/customer inquiries and relations. (more details needed for quote).
Pixel Integration | $200
Google Analytics implementation | $200

Digital Marketing Services

Connect with your customers and potential customers in ways you never imagined.


You need to have a strong website presence in order to compete in today's market. Performance, design, and usability are all important factors to success.


Start selling your goods or services online, and easily manage your sales, inventory, and transactions.  Open up a new revenue stream and enjoy the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization

Get seen on search engines (Google / Bing / Yahoo). You will need to generate website visitors by optimizing your website for search engines.

Digital Advertising

Target potential customers on search engines or social media, and increase your ROI.  The more they see your brand, the more likey they are willing to buy.

Social Media

From creation to management, we ensure your social media channels reach your audience.  We produce targeted content that increases your followers.

Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is a powerful marketing and communication tool.  Send targeted email newsletters to customers and leads generating more revenue.

Video & Commercials

People respond to videos better than any other content. It is a quick easy way to deliver information fast.  We offer web videos, commercial, and even drone footage.

Analytics & Statistics

It's important to know the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.  View real-time charts and graphs and monitor your exposure and ROI.

Print Marketing Services

Branding / Marketing Strategy - Design and Fulfillment - We Have Your Back!

Custom Logos

A modernized logo reflect your brand can speak volumes to your audience.  We'll design your logo that is meaningful, impactful, and targets your audience.

Graphic Design

Graphics speak louder than words, so your graphic design must tell a story that relates to your content.  Static graphics and animations should feel engaging.

Illustrations & Art

Hand drawn digital illistrations are  a stunning way to impress your audience. Artisticly drawn icons, logos, and images play very nice for a beautiful design.

Brochures & Catalogs

Impress people with a proffesionally designed brochure or catalog.  Disseminating information from person to person is best acheived with print media.

Business Cards

Your business card is often the last immpresion you give.  Make it count, and have a proffesionally designed business card that makes sense for your prospective clients.

Photography & Stock Images

Anyone can take a picture, but having a professional with the necessary Photoshop skills takes talent. You can also enhance the visual experience with stock photography.

Signage & Banners

With many options to choose from, get a retail sign, billboard design, or banner.  From quality production to durability, get your brand noticed.

Content & Copywriting

Allow our writers to provide you with excellent content and copy.  Writing content can be time consuming and a real struggle. Let us help you with your message.

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